Melaka-Manipal for unsurpassed foundation to dentistry, MBBS

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Melaka-Manipal for unsurpassed foundation to dentistry, MBBS

Melaka-Manipal offers 3 programmes of high standing in Malaysia: the MBBS, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Foundation in Science (FIS).



KUCHING: It is that time of the year when parents with teenage charges, fresh out of school after SPM, are contemplating the ‘what, where, when’ and ‘how’ in their children’s next step in education. A very stressful time indeed, certainly not helped by the barrage of thought-provoking advertisements.

There is a bewildering spectrum of courses of study now available which adds to the stress of making a choice.

However, for a few people, choosing a course is simple: they have always had a passion for geography, mountains and glaciers; others have always wanted to be a surgeon or a paediatrician ever since they had just graduated from diapers.

For these latter aspirants, it is never almost about the money but the awe of the human body, the pride of being trusted to give advice, the gratification of helping someone through an illness, the noble healer.

And for these aspirants, nothing but the best medical school in the country will do and where else but Melaka-Manipal Medical College (Manipal University).

Melaka-Manipal is an icon of high quality medical education in Malaysia having been awarded many honours from all quarters.

In 2011-2013 MyQuest ratings of private Colleges, it was honours doubled when Melaka-Manipal was given 6-Star ratings in two categories. It was also recognised as a Superbrand in Medical Education by the Brandlaureate-Institute of Superbrands, South East Asia in 2011.

Melaka-Manipal offers three programmes of high standing in Malaysia; the MBBS, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and the Foundation in Science (FiS).

The Foundation is a one-year pre-university programme ideal for those who wish to pursue the MBBS and BDS of Melaka-Manipal.

It is conducted in Melaka, in the branch campus of the renowned Manipal University of India, and offers exceptional education with a young and dynamic team of dedicated lecturers.

This intensive course facilitates students’ progress in their degree studies as the Foundation includes medicine and dentistry subjects in its curriculum.

Students have access to outstanding facilities and they are encouraged to undertake both academic and extra-curricular activities.

Those who wish their children to have a head-start as medical professionals could very well do by signing up for the FiS.

The MBBS is well established having enrolled its first batch of students in 1997, and since then up to September 2013, 25 batches comprising 2,755 medical professionals have been delivered to the health systems in Malaysia and right across the globe stretching from the USA through the UK, Malaysia, Singapore up to Australia and New Zealand.

The BDS is also another excellent programme of study which is surely making a sterling reputation of its own.

Indeed this dental programme is so much in demand that the student intake is closed nearly 18 months ahead!

While Melaka-Manipal welcomes students with all Medical Council and Malaysian Qualifications Agency approved pre-university qualifications for its degree courses, it seems the only way into the BDS is via its Foundation.

The Malaysian Dental Council-approved 75 ‘seats’ are all taken up by the Melaka-Manipal Foundation students to whom first preference is proffered. So dentist-aspirants are well advised to go through the Foundation at Melaka-Manipal.

Both the degree programmes are twinning courses which require students to complete the first phase of Pre-Clinical studies in Melaka-Manipal, Manipal, India campus before returning to Malaysia to complete clinical training in the second phase — the best of both worlds.

It is certainly worth the time and effort to visit the serene campus of Melaka-Manipal Medical College in Bukit Baru, Melaka and see the facilities first-hand.

If the shortage of time is a concern, call 1-800-22-6662 / 06-289 6662, visit their website at or visit them at the upcoming Borneo Post International Education Fair (BPIEF) from March 21-22, 10am to 6pm at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.


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